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May 18 , 2017
Reporting on his Professional Visits to China
Article by  Wes Burgess
Photos by EJ Dieterle
Today’s program was presented by Eric Shapira, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Master of Arts, and Master of Hospital Administration, reporting on his professional visits to China. 
Eric was given a special visa and asked to come to China to teach, practice, and advise in dental surgery, geriatrics, and hospital administration. Originally, Eric was invited to work at the #2 Peoples’ Hospital in Tàiyuán, also called Lóngchéng or “Dragon City.” Tàiyuán is the capital and largest city of Shanxi province in Northern China. Eric found that the quality of medical care at the #2 Peoples’ Hospital significantly lagged behind the quality of the average U.S. hospital — there were few specialists among hospital doctors and nurses. Initially there was widespread tobacco smoking in #2 Peoples Hospital, but Eric helped change this.
Last year Eric was asked to work at a Chinese hospital for patients with chronic CNS-injuries. Here he provided physical therapy, exercise therapy, hypnosis therapy, and dietary counseling in addition to his usual duties. 
Eric says that Mao Tse’ Tung’s Cultural Revolution continues in China, where there has been marked population growth paired with architectural expansion in the cities, especially model cities. By contrast, rural towns are often poor. Elders are summarily retired at 50 years-of-age and given a poor stipend equivalent to $200/month. They are forced to live in mean apartments in the city or cement commune cells, shacks, or abandoned buildings in the country.
Although China has a population of 2 billion people, there is poor treatment for chronic health problems, and little geriatric medicine or end-of-life care (hospice) care. Families often abandon chronically ill elders, leaving the hospital to decide whether to treat or euthanize them. Ninety percent of elder Chinese smoke tobacco, contributing to chronic obstructive lung disease, lung cancer, and oral cancers. 
In addition to working 12 hours per day, Eric had the opportunity to visit with Chinese and see some of the sights of China. He reports that the Great Wall is great. He also had the opportunity to view Buddhist, Taoist, and Hindu temples, often perched on high mountains. He met with a provisional Western Rotary group which has a service program providing heart surgery for needy Chinese children.
The Chinese government appreciated Eric’s contributions and they gave him a prestigious award. The Chinese have repeatedly invited him back — Eric expects to return to China later this year.
May 18, 2017 Meeting Recap
Article by    Mary Rogren  
Photos by  EJ Dieterle
Greeters:    Rosie Fontana (SOA) and Past President, Kevin O’Brien
Pledge of Allegiance:  Renee Lewis
Inspirational Thought:  Led by Rosie Fontana.   Rosie shared quotes from three iconic leaders.  Teddy Roosevelt:  Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.    John F. Kennedy:  If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.    Winston Churchill:  Never, never, never give up.
Happy/Not So Happy News:
Birthday Celebrations:   Liz Schuck announced this month’s birthdays (in Therese Adam’s absence.)     We acknowledged birthdays of Eric Shapira, Catherine Yaque, and EP! . .
Caroline Gossart, our Rotary exchange student, shared her last two weeks – which included attending the District conference.   Caroline wore her Rotary jacket at the conference – which clearly now has the most pins and decorations of any of the exchange students in our District.  Caroline will bring her jacket to the club when she does her presentation in a couple weeks.  (The jacket is now too heavy to wear at our meetings.)    
Caroline also shared that she spent two days last week attending Mercy High School over the hill with her host sister.  She did several presentations to the French classes at the school.   Last weekend, she was “home alone” with her host sisters while her host parents were away in Los Angeles.      Tonight she will receive an award at the high school awards assembly.
EJ Dieterle shared that he will be playing music at the United Airlines International terminal (at the gate) next week for the inaugural flight of the San Francisco – Munich route.
Mary Corcoran shared that she was hit by a foul ball at the Giants game this week (sitting behind home plate.)   And, she didn’t even get the ball as her souvenir!
Rosie Fontana just got back from a wonderful Mediterranean cruise that included Lisbon and Barcelona.   Mary Corcoran and Ginger Minoletti arranged this incredible trip for her --- and Rosie learned to never take the shore excursions arranged by ship.  Instead, book private tours (and through Mary and Ginger --- You won’t be disappointed!)   A highlight for Rosie was Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.
Rosie was also inspired reading the recent edition of The Rotarian Magazine – and particularly the article about Steve McCurry, the National Geographic Photographer  (page 31.)    His work in Afghanistan “opened his eyes to the needs of children there, and especially girls.”   He and his sister have formed a nonprofit called ImagineAsia to help the children.
Renee Lewis announced that the latest Fundraiser for Relay for Life – held at Nick’s in Pacifica  -- raised $6,500!
Warren Barmore announced that he was hosting a seminar at his office on Medicare/Health Care – tonight at 6PM.    Warren also announced that the 5150 District will be holding a Giants Baseball night on September 1.  Price is $50, and it’s Star Trek night!
Kevin O’Brien reminded the club about the monthly Chamber mixer tonight at the Half Moon Bay Distillery in Princeton.
Brian Lee’s next Focus on Leadership seminar will be held at New Leaf next Wednesday at 7PM.  This week’s topic is “Women in Leadership.”
Announcements  - Liz announced that those who want to help plant at the HEAL Farm need to contact The Heal Project directly to set up a time.
Liz's "This Week in History"
May 17, 1954 –  Brown v. Board of education decision handed down by the Supreme Court, making school segregation illegal.
May 18, 2012  -- Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook closed on their IPO, raising $16B.
May 21, 1881 --  American Red Cross was founded.
May 25  Shop Talks:  John Evans & Ed Daniels
Jun 1    Speaker: Paula Hammack
Jun 8    Speaker: Ursula Schnyder, owner of Sweet55 who will be speaking on her passion
             for chocolate and how she came to Half Moon Bay and opened her dream business!       
Jun 15  HEAL...Rotary Foundation Funded NEW Classroom OPEN HOUSE
Jun 22  Speaker: Caroline Gossart/Exchange Student