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November 14, 2019
A Visit by Sue Rokaw
Article by:  Susan Kealey

Photos by: Liz Schuck

Rick Chin, Assistant Governor, introduced District Governor Sue Rokaw.
Sue has a passion for youth and is involved in RYLA. She has a law practice in SF and also teaches. Her educational background includes a BA in Classics, a Master in Library Science and law degree from.  Her husband, Alan, is Commodore of the SF yacht club.
November 14 CLUB MEETING  
Sue shared that, as a librarian, it is amazing to be in this library and is proud that our Rotary Club was involved in its creation. The nautical theme for this year is Chart Your Course. The President of a Club is like the captain of a ship. A good metaphor for us; things happen, adjust the sails and maintain course. Rotary embraces change and she is impressed with our club for acknowledging our current situation and considering possible changes.
Our new RI President is advocating change and this year’s theme is Rotary Connects the World. The Vision Statement is “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change—across the globe, ties in our community and ourselves.
Regarding attracting new members—Why Rotary?  Why do people join? They join to make a local community impact, a global community impact and to have fun and fellowship. Consider inviting prospects to a community service project rather than or in addition to a meeting.  Regarding philanthropy,  RI Foundation has a top rating and has a tremendous impact.
District 5150’s Focus—
Community Service, $300 District 5150 Grants which our club is participating in Clubs & Membership, flexibility and growth—new options are corporate/organization memberships (referred us to Dan Jorgensen in SF#2), cause-based clubs, E-clubs, Rotaract, Rotary Youth Exchange and Rotary Peace Fellows.
She was very frank about things that didn’t work for her such as college-based Rotaract clubs; she now wants to try community-based Rotaract clubs. The first one has been established in SF—this is currently a big push by RI.  There is also a focus on training. Grants, learning and development opportunities, membership. Training is available in SSF and Sausalito. We have consistent DG training and now it includes Rotaract.  A Rotaract member can also be a member of regular club. We could sponsor a Rotaract Club, do projects together, etc. It could be a very small club as small as six members. There are satellite clubs where some members meet at night while the rest of the club meets during the day. Regarding Rotary Peace Fellows, there are six centers around the world.
In other news: 
The Rotary Foundation Event is sold out.
The May 5-9, District Conference, will be a cruise. See for details and to sign up now—there are specials, so look now.
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Photos by: Liz Schuck
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