Posted by Editor: Erik Piro
October 10, 2019
Oktoberfest at Cameron’s
Mitone Griffith filling in for President Ed Daniels
Article by:  Susan Kealey

Photos by: EJ Dieterle

An enthusiastic group braved the power outage, along with the inevitable “who goes first” at intersections, to share the hospitality (and generator) at Cameron’s. So how did this whole Octoberfest thing get started anyway? Well, according to EJ our expert and guide for the day, it is a harvest festival and was started to celebrate the nuptials of King Ludwick and his princess bride. In Germany Oktoberfest is enjoyed by more than two million people and lasts two weeks. Munich has the largest festival, Stuttgart is second worldwide. In the US Cincinnati is the largest and Brazil has a fabulous festival. The music at these festivals ranges from traditional to AC/DC.

EJ got his start in music as a lad with a small tuba in an oompah band. He now plays in a band called Alpine Sound.  Check out his band's website at . Although he plays several instruments, his Roland accordion was his accompaniment today. A little about the is an electronic instrument as opposed to a normal manual, reed instrument. He plays the Roland like a manual —squeezing in and out, which keeps him in practice for the old fashioned instrument. With this electronic instrument he has many additional sounds as his disposal. It is also not as heavy as the manual instrument and gets three to four hours on its battery. The left side of the accordion is the bass and chords.

Ever wanted to know how yodeling works? The secret is using your head, voice, and helps, too. He also recommended a Shandy, beer and Seven-Up.

To summarize, we had good food, good cheer, good music and a great idea for a fundraiser. Imagine this, a Half Moon Bay Oktoberfest. Cameron is in and will provide the location. The Chamber is in, Rotary is in, and judging by the enthusiasm in the room. Liz is in and willing to be the lead. EJ is in and has some great ideas for contests and music. Mark your calendar, September 30, 2020.
October 10, 2019 CLUB MEETING 
Article by: Rose Serdy
Photos byEJ Dieterle
Greeters:  Dave Dickson/Past President
Sargent at Arms – Krystlyn Giedt
Pledge - Dave Andrews
Guests and Visitors: Marla Wong, Terri Pickles, Rose Dieterle
Dave Andrews spoke with Bill Johnston on Ayn’s health. Our love and prayers are with Ayn, Bill and their family.
Elizabeth Schuck we received grant for building our little libraries.
Mary Rogren past signup sheet for volunteers for Pumpkin Festival week end. Chowder bowls at IDES on Friday the 18th.
Elizabeth Schuck and Linda Andersen will walk in the PF parade on Saturday.
Paul Wrubel stated we still need volunteers for PF.
Mitone Griffiths reminded all that the membership survey will be sent out soon. Please participate.
John Evans was at the Interact meeting on Tuesday and there were signups for PF.
There will be 19 exchange students in town from districts 5150 and 5170.  6 girls will be staying at the Holcomb family.
Jades birthday is this weekend.
Larkin and John just return from Flagstaff and Sedona.
smiley Happy/Crappy News 
Marble Draw  frown  No winner this week.  Maybe next week.
Our Monthly Rotary Day at the Community Free Breakfast (held at the Lutheran Church will be Wednesday, October 30.  Please sign up with Rose Serdy for a shift for future days (last Wednesday of each month.)
(Please check back again for photos of this fun celebration) smiley